Different door types

The highly desirable trend material applied to exclusive and modern kitchens is now in high gloss. High gloss can be achieved either by means of foil on the door (cheaper option) or by means of painting method. In the case of varnishing, it is a method of production of kitchen doors, when the very high-pressure fibreapplied several layers of varnish.
In our e-shop you will encounter this type of door in high gloss-therefore painted door. The high durability and durability of the door is achieved by painting. The most frequently painted doors are made in high-density designs, but can also be supplied in Matt or semi-matt versions.
Did we lure you to our painted doors?
Another advantage of the painted kitchen door is the colour palette of the door, for example to achieve perfect alignment of the walls and kitchen doors. Come on! Lacqued-Our Pride!