Select a place that aligns well and get a washer

If you have decided to buy a bathing facility in the garden, you should first think about where to put it. Then make this place perfectly prepared and cleaned. It is important that the bathing equipment is located on a flat surface, on which there will be no sharp object, which would damage its bottom. That is, not only to align the surface, but also to get rid of all the stones, or twigs and other hard or sharp projections or impurities. Then it is also very good quality and reliable geotextile under the pool, which will give your bathing equipment protection not only from overlooked hard, solid or sharp dirt, but also against bacteria and fungi, which could also damage the bottom of your Bathing equipment.
With us you can find other products that are needed for maintenance
In our offer you will find high-quality geotexdelicate pads under all bathing equipment from the world renowned manufacturer, which uses only the finest materials for their production, which deliver a very long life and durability to these washers. Just choose the right dimension and spread it to the place where you will then replace your bathing gear and have it after your worries. The pool will remain intact and you will only care about the water contained therein, so that it is of sufficient quality for bathing. In our store you will find everything needed for water treatment and also all necessary accessories to your bathing equipment so to speak under one roof at very reasonable prices.