Summer Nights

It could have been around midnight, maybe about one o'clock in the morning. The night was clear, clean and pearlescent, without a cloud. The moon was shining full-moon and was completely white. She was lying on the bed right under the roof window, which she literally begat in her attic bedroom. She had a balcony and two huge panes on the east wall, but she wanted the roof window to look out of it at night.
Falling Star
Count the stars, watch if they happen to be a comet, think about everything and do nothing and leave billions of billions of lights to guard her sleep. When she was smaller, she was afraid of the darkness. But Grandma told her that it was never completely dark. Not even at night. And when the light goes off beside her crib, she'll see something so beautiful that she'll never want to shine in the room tonight. And she was right.